The primrose is a very interesting plant. This is a plant that is edible and actually tastes like lettuce. You will find that there are a lot of other uses for the primrose also that involve food and drink or bouquets and arrangements. The primrose is also known as the English primrose and is a beautiful flower.












Pincushion Protea

How extraordinary it must be to live in South Africa, and be able to look out the window to see Pincushion Protea bushes in full bloom. These brilliantly coloured flowers are striking, not only because of their appearance, but also for their unusual structure and pollination sequence.
The following image shows a colourful bloom. What you are looking at appears to be a single flower, but it is not! In fact, this is a composite bloom , made up of many small flowers and colourful bracts (modified leaves). The bright orange-red stalks that emanate from the flower-head, (the pins in the pincushion), are actually the pistils of individual flowers. Each stalk consists of an orange column called the style, which supports a bright red pointed stigma (the female organ of the flower). In this plant the pistil’s function is more complicated than normal.