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Fringed Tulips

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Fringed tulips got their name from the distinct frayed edge on their petals. This fringe may be the same colour as the rest of the petal or it may contrast. The fringe makes the flowers appear full of substance.

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Fringed Tulips are beautiful more recent introductions to the tulip world, with their elegant cup shaped flowers with a beautiful crystal-like fringe to the edge.  Fringed Tulips have a contemporary look and are equally at home in the cottage garden. 

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I wish you all a happy new week  🙂

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These aristocrats of the woodland garden are native to Europe and western Asia. They bloom in early winter in mild climates and in late winter or early spring where the soil freezes hard. They require a moist but well-drained site under the shade of trees. Mine too is under a huge Douglas Fir. This year all my Hellebore are doing fine, and in full bloom…







Happy new week  🙂